The best way of learning pronunciation



Forvo is the official application for the website of the same name. With this new app you can learn to pronounce any time and anywhere. The app allows the user to quickly access hundreds of thousands of pronunciations stored in Forvo's huge database.

There are over over 325 different languages available on Forvo and in the case of languages ​​such as English, Spanish, German, Russian, Italian or Japanese there are more than 100,000 pronunciations. Other less spoken languages ​​have fewer words, but the number of pronunciations are growing daily.

One of the reasons that allows Forvo database to grow is because each member can contribute. Any registered user can add a word. And if a word is not in the database or if you find a pronunciation that does not convince you, within seconds you can add your own pronunciation.

Thanks to user feedback, the best pronunciations of the same word will take precedence over the worst (either because they are not well spoken or simply have poorer quality audio).

Forvo is an excellent way to improve your language skills. With this application you can learn to pronounce in virtually any language. All using a simple and convenient interface.